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Five-Year Integrated M.Sc. in Statistics and Informatics

Role of Statistics as Science      Need and Motivation      Faculty     Course Curriculum
Research in Statistics at IIT Kharagpur Admission and Eligibility Criteria
Statistics Courses offered at other Institutes/Universities Existing Courses of the Department

Role of Statistics as Science

The genesis of statistics has taken place through analysis of data on various real life phenomena. In particular it has grown as a discipline where highly sophisticated analysis can be performed on most branches of knowledge. Statistics has evolved from a passive or descriptive analysis to a more proactive or prescriptive analysis as used in decision-making. However in previous decades a more interactive daily use of statistics by industry was hindered by the acquisition and paucity of the data. However with modern computer network and database acquisition and storage of data and information in an integrated manner has given rise to a more conducive environment for proactive statistics. There is an urgent need in industry of personnel who are trend both in statistics and modern enterprise computing to serve its need of analysis and decision-making.The structure of the proposed course:

(i)  Depth courses in Statistics. 
(ii) Depth courses for development of computing skills.
(iii)Stream focus on industry related areas through electives in field such as Financial Management,
     Biostatics/Bioinformatics, Actuarial Statistics,  Demography, Statistical Quality Control, etc.
The role of Statistics as the technology of data analysis and decision taking under uncertainty has expanded vastly in the past few years due to advancement taking place in computers and information technology. Statisticians, especially those able to exploit modern computing facilities, are very much in demand in industry and commerce.

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Need and Motivation

The purpose of the course on Statistics and Informatics is primarily to prepare the students with in-depth knowledge of various branches of statistics together with applications using modern computational tools. Through a suitable choice of electives, a student can specialize in one or two selected areas. In addition to the theory and laboratory classes, the students will have on-hand industrial training (during the summer between 6th and 7th semesters) and a sequence of three projects in the 6th, 9th, and 10th semesters. After successful completion of the course, they may be holding positions in various companies dealing with IT, finance, bioinforamtics, medical informatics, research and development organizations, etc. The course is also designed to prepare students for research work at the Ph.D. level, which in turn prepares students for teaching and research level careers in Statistics whether in industry, government, or academia.

The department has received requests from several quarters to initiate master- level courses on statistical methodology combined with computational techniques. The faculty members of the department deliberated on these issues and the result was a two-year M.Sc. course in Statistics and Informatics to start from the next academic session. Since the department is having one 5-year M.Sc. programme in Mathematics and Computing and another 2-year M.Sc. programme in Mathematics, it started thinking in the same line that there can be another 5-year integrated M.Sc. programme for which the demand is expected to bel very much. And after lot of deliberations, the faculty members have come up with the proposal for a 5-year Integrated M.Sc. programme in Statistics and Informatics. Most of the courses in the curriculum are already approved courses of the current two-year and five-year M.Sc. programmes of the department and some courses are new. Many of the advanced courses in the list will also be taken by B.Tech., M.Sc., M.Tech., and Ph.D. students of various departments of the Institute.

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The faculty members (six in number at present) involved in teaching of Statistics courses of the department are very strong, including several members who are acknowledged researches of international repute in their fields of research. In particular, faculty in the department have produced major works of fundamental importance in statistical inference, image processing and pattern recognition, queueing theory, statistical decision theory, reliability analysis and have made sustained important contributions for many years. Some faculty members are also involved in inter-disciplinary work with faculty members of other sister departments. Furthermore, this department is having acclaimed faculty in the area of Operations Research, Computer Science, and Mathematics. The department is also on the look out for academically strong persons to be recruited at Assistant professor's level for which the Institute's advertisement is already on its website.

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Research in Statistics at IIT Kharagpur

Research in Statistics at IIT Kharagpur is highly interdisciplinary, and reaches beyond the department into the Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, School Medical Science and Technology, Agricultural & Food Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, and others. The various courses introduced in the new M.Sc. (in Statistics and Informatics) curriculum will also benefit M.Tech. students and research scholars of various departments desiring to learn new topics of statistics.

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Admission and Eligibility Criteria

The Department of Mathematics,IIT Kharagpur is offering a new course in 5-Year Integrated M.SC in Statistics And Informatics.The admission to the course will be made through JEE.The intake to this course is 25 students.

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Statistics Courses offered at other Institutes/Universities

Currently many universities and IIT Kanpur offer exclusive M.Sc. programme in Statistics which are traditional courses on Statistics with more emphasis on classical and theoretical aspects. The current need of the government and industry is the application of Statistical methods with combined use of Information Technology tools. Keeping this in view, IIT Bombay has started a two-year M.Sc. programme in Applied Statistics and Informatics a few years back. This programme has become very popular among the students and it is well received by the industry. However, there is no integrated M.Sc. course combining Statistics and Informatics in the country at present.

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Existing Courses of the Department

Department of Mathematics is currently offering three M.Sc. programmes, namely,

(1)	M.Sc. (Mathematics and Computing) integrated five-year programme, 
(2)	M.Sc. (Mathematics) two-year programme, and 
(3)	M.Sc. (Statistics & Informatics) two-year programme to start from 2005-2006. 
Besides these courses, the department is also offering a two-year M.Tech. programme in Computer Science and Data Processing (CSDP) with an intake of 20 students. The selection is through GATE.

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